Annual Report Cards

2022-23 annual report card

1.8 hectares revegetated   160 volunteers   15 organisations and groups involved
5 events with 100
  Partner contribution of
$15,000 to support the
coordination of
Grow West
  2 landholders engaged

Over the past 15 years, Grow West has hosted an annual community planting day which attracts over 200 volunteers as well a host of sponsors. In 2022 Grow West was once again able to run its annual community planting day after having to cancel the two previous years due to Covid 19.
Grow West partnered with Southern Rural Water to host its planting day
at Pelican Point along the banks of the Werribee River, Hopetoun Park.
160 volunteers planted 3,700 seedlings. 

2023-24 will focus on securing a site for the annual Grow West Community Planting Day and securing funding for future landscape restoration works.

Read more in the Grow West Annual Report Card 2022-23 (PDF – 7.12B)

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