Get Involved

Grow West’s is on its way of meeting its long term vision of rehabilitating 10,000 hectares by working with local landholders, government and corporate organisations.

The Grow West program has generated over $4 million dollars of Government and corporate sponsorship since 2003. These funds have been used to carry out on-ground works on over 2,500 hectares, resulting in significant landscape change across the region.

To continue this landscape change process, we need your support. If you are a landholder or a corporate organisation who values land productivity and sustainable resource use, then Grow West wants to partner with you. Grow West can tailor a land management project that meets your needs and aspirations and that helps you attain your environmental goals. There are also opportunities for individuals to get involved through our annual Community Planting Day event in July or enter into the annual Grow West Landscape Art Prize.

Landholders interested in Grow West, contact the Environmental Projects Coordinator on 03 9971 6502 or email

Organisations interested in Grow West, contact the Environmental Projects Manager, Corinne Mays on 03 8781 7921.