Grow West works with the community, landholders, a range of organisations and corporate supporters to successfully deliver onground outcomes for the environment.

Over the past five years we have had a range of corporate supporters and partners who have revegetated, rebuilt and revitalised the landscapes in the Grow West area.

Because of its location between the Lerderderg State Park, Wombat State Forest and Brisbane Ranges National Park, works to retain and restore the vegetation in the Grow West area will help ensure the future for native plant and animal species but also help protect the livelihood of the community and the viability of the natural environment.

Landcare Australia Limited


Landcare is an amazing grass roots movement that harnesses individuals and groups under the ethic of caring for the land. The movement has a broad focus on sustainable management of all of Australia’s natural resource assets and now encompasses individuals and groups across the whole landscape from coastal to urban and remote areas of Australia.

Through the generosity of individuals, companies and philanthropic organisations, Landcare Australia Limited (LAL) is able to direct funds to activities undertaken by Grow West. The many land care groups supported by Grow West truly appreciate Landcare’s contribution, which results in direct on-ground environmental benefits. Many of the corporate partners listed are clients of LAL, and it is through LAL that we are able to direct their funding to land care groups in the region.