Grow West runs programs to help landholders improve the condition of their land.

GW farmer and sugar gum Grow West is interested to hear from land owners and working farmers who are interested in being involved in a program that will help them control pest plants and animals and improve the productivity of their land.

Activities may involve field days and workshops, but also involves rabbit and pest animal control, programs to stop the spread of problematic weeds, fencing to help protect waterways or revegetation to provide links between the key parks in the area, across a mosaic of properties. Additionally, those landholders involved in the program are able to share their knowledge and experience with new members of the Grow West community.


  • You can transform degraded, uneconomic land into productive and sustainable businesses.
  • You can renovate a landscape of degraded land, scarred by soil erosion and salinity, and infested with rabbits and noxious weeds.
  • GWRockhopper 1You can reverse the economic and environmental burdens caused by these problems.
  • You can join the Grow West ‘Lan Bank and be advised of relevant funding opportunities.
  • You can have access to available grants.
  • We can provide links to other complementary schemes.
  • You can attend one of our field days or events.

Contact the Environmental Projects Coordinator on 03 9971 6502.