Economic Benefits

GW field dayGrow West’s goal is to repair and restore the landscape in the project area through programs that improve the productivity and viability of the local¬†landscape.

Additionally, Grow West is working with a range of partners who are invested in the health and viability of the land in this area and have pledged their support into the future.

The Grow West Team works with both landholders and corporate supporters to undertake programs that protect existing native vegetation, help restore and replant new vegetation and treat weeds and pest animals, to ensure the health of the land and waterways within the area.

Grow West brings significant economic benefit to the project area, including:

  • Increased Land Productivity
  • Access to funding to enable land improvement activities
  • Access to resourcing and expertise to enable land improvement activities (eg. Grow West facilitators)
  • Access to advice and information
  • Reclamation of eroded, saline and weed infested areas
  • Attraction of funding/business to the area
  • Employment in the environmental industry
  • Attraction of tourists to the area
  • Increased markets for locally produced and sold products


For more information contact the the Environmental Projects Coordinator on 03 9971 6502.

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