Achievements include:

  • Myrniong Parks Link Project – Funded under eTree and Norman Wettenhall – 25 hectare¬†bordering ‘The Island’ and Werribee Gorge State Park. Volunteer support from VNPA.
  • Medibank Private Tree Planting – 2.5 hectares in Little River
  • Replacement planting at 05/06 NLP Farm Forestry sites
  • Replacement planting at 05/06 NLP Landcare Revegetation sites
  • Replacement planting at 05/06 NHT REME 24ha Revegetation sites
  • additional re-planting at Commonwealth Games site


Community involvement

  • Medibank Planting Sunday 30th July – 20 people
  • Medibank Planting Wednesday 9th August
  • VNPA Myrniong Parks Link Tree Planting Day Sunday 16th July – 100 people.
  • Grow West Education Kit produced by work experience student – under NHT 06/07 funding
  • Green Corps team in partnership with Grow West, Moorabool Shire and Parks Victoria